Latex Queen with green eyes in all Her splendor

I am a very seductive latex Queen of livecamBDSM, with green eyes that promise to hypnotize you and with long hair as black as the raven's feather, and as soft as silk. My age is 33, I am a bisexual MILF, but more inclined into dominating men. My names are AngelNoble on and 0AngelNoble0, My body is slim and fit, and my tits are big. I am the perfect woman, the perfect latex Mistress and the perfect latex Queen for you.

Brunette latex Queen with sexy ass, 0AngelNoble0 , wears blue latex catsuit on livecamBDSM, short black latex gloves and short black PVC boots
Brunette latex Goddess 0AngelNoble0 on livecamBDSM in a lovely ass in blue latex catsuit, She wears short black latex gloves and short black boots

And now let Me present to you just a little of My vast wardrobe of latex, which keeps getting bigger and bigger each day, by the way.

Dark-haired-Latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 in gray latex military uniform and short black latex gloves on livecamBDSM
Army brunette latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 on livecamBDSM in gray latex catsuit, short black latex gloves and gray military cap

First, let Me start with My favorite : the latex catsuits. They come in different colors, they are red, gray, blue, violet, yellow and black. Then there are the metallic ones: rose, claret, purple, red and metallic green latex catsuit. I also have translucent latex catsuits in the following colors: blue, pink, olive, purple and translucent smoking latex catsuit.

Latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 with double tubed black rubber gas mask over green latex hood, wearing green latex catsuti on livecamBDSM
Latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 has a black rubber gas mask with two tubes on livecamBDSM, and She is wearing green latex catsuit and green latex hood

Now let's do the latex stockings in My wardrobe. Besides latex body stockings, I also love wearing vintage stockings, shear, white, black, brown and also tan colored latex stockings.

Black-haired-latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 on livecamBDSM in black latex stockings, black latex body and shor black PVC boots
Hot brunette latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 wearing black latex stockings, black latex body and short black PVC boots on livecamBDSM

And now let's move on to latex leggings. In My latex Queen wardrobe you will find olive, green and metallic green, translucent green latex leggings, either open or with zipper.

Latex Mistress 0AngelNoble0 has a big strapon on livecamBDSM, and She has a blue latex catsuit, blue latex hood and black PVC overknee boots on
Latex Mistress 0AngelNoble0 shows off Her big black strapon on livecamBDSM, while in blue latex catsuit and hood, black latex gloves and black PVC overknee boots

Continuing with the latex uniforms, I have black latex nurse uniform with mask, I have black latex nun uniform, many latex military uniforms in red, olive, metallic green, but also translucent latex military uniform. For fetish roleplay, My black with white trim maid uniform will come in handy and we will have an amazing time in our live cam session.

Latex Queen with brunette hair, 0AngelNoble0, sleeping on livecamBDSM in Her red latex catsuit and with black high heels on
Sexy brunette latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 sleeping in red latex catsuit and black high heels on livecamBDSM

When it comes to latex gloves, My wardrobe is also vast, and to name a few, I have short ones, like black, red,.yellow, and a pair that I like very much, which is natural transparent latex short gloves. My medium length latex gloves come in the following colors: black, purple and transparent. As for the long latex gloves, they are black, red, purple, and some fine black with red latex long gloves.

livecamBDSM latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 has black hair and sim body in gray latex catsuit, and She wears short black latex gloves and black high heels
0AngelNoble0 is a latex Queen with black hair on livecamBDSM, wearing gray latex catsuit, short black latex gloves and a pair of black high heels

I have a lot of latex hoods, and they are black, red, pink and translucent pink, purple, transparent, royal blue, metallic green, translucent blue, smoking, metallic rose, and silver latex hood. I will also include here the open face black latex hood, the black gas mask and the breath control latex hood, perfect for asphyxiation games in My BDSM World.

Beautiful brunette Domme 0AngelNoble0 on Her throne on livecamBDSM wearing black latex body, black PVC overknees and long black latex gloves
Mistress with black hair 0AngelNoble0 in black latex outfit and black PVC overknee boots on livecamBDSM

Among other latex outfits, I mention translucent and black latex dress, white latex mini-dress, and sexy blue latex mini dress, black and also white latex panties, black latex body, bubble pink and brown latex top, white latex shirt, and so much more. I know, I am a wonderful latex Queen, and you are perfectly right. And the best part is that I keep improving.

Latex Queen with big tits and black hair, 0AngelNoble0, wearing yellow latex catsuit on livecamBDSM
Big boobed brunette latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 taking a selfie in yellow latex catsuit on livecamBDSM

As for shoes, I wear black, red, cream colored and clear white high heels. I love wearing stilettos a lot, also platforms. And the boots that I have are one of My best addition: black leather and PVC overknee boots, long red PVC boots, long white boots and black short boots.

Latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 on livecamBDSM in nun roleplay, wearing black latex nun uniform and black latex gloves
Latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 in nun roleplay on livecamBDSM in black latex uniform and black latex gloves

In private chat, I do anal shows, striptease, dancing, I have a professional cam and I can zoom in for your utmost pleasure. The butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and vibrators are always available, and for My slaves I have a nice red rubber inflatable dildo, a spreader bar with black leather handcuffs and black, red and also purple ball gags for the best BDSM live cam shows, and my favorite: the big black strap-on, because I never get tired of pegging you. Arousing smoking, great footjob, hard fingering, live orgasm, oil show and balloon fetish are more things that you should definitely expect in My live chat fetish room.

0AngelNoble0 is the Queen of latex on livecamBDSM, wearing purple latex hood and purple latex catsuit, black latex gloves and black boots
Hot latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 in purple latex catsuit and purple latex hood on livecamBDSM, with black latex gloves on and black PVC boots

I have to confess something to you: I am very fond of performing amazing scat shows and golden shower sessions. If you are into dirty and messy fetish shows, like coprophilia and watersports, plus WAM, I believe you will find that these types of fetish shows are going to be a pure delight in the company of a sexy brunette such as Myself, when we are one on one on live cam.

Brunette latex Queen 0AngelNoble0 has a nice ass in blue latex catsuti on livecamBDSM, and She is wearing short black latex gloves
Latex Queen with brunette hair 0AngelNoble0 in tight blue latex catsuit and short black latex gloves on livecamBDSM

So don't be a stranger, visit Me so we can share the passion for latex while admiring each other in our second skins. And remember that My latex wardrobe keeps getting larger and I always purchase new and sexier outfits and accessories, so it is definitely worth paying Me a visit. After all, they call Me the latex Queen for a very good reason.